ChatGPT Promtp Wizard

Chrome extension that enhances user interactions with ChatGPT

The world of software development is one driven by problem-solving, an incessant need to make tasks more efficient, and a constant push towards innovation. Today, I'd like to share with you one such problem I've been tackling, leading to the development of an open-source project: the ChatGPT Prompt Wizard.

Recognizing a Problem

As a frequent user of OpenAI's ChatGPT, I realized that one element of my interaction with this app felt a bit redundant and tedious – the initial prompting. This observation led me to the idea of creating a tool that could streamline this process and save time.

The ChatGPT Prompt Wizard

The solution I came up with was an unobtrusive Chrome extension: the ChatGPT Prompt Wizard. The main goal of this extension is to simplify user interactions with the ChatGPT by providing an easy way to select from a variety of prompts, or even create new ones.

Diving into the Features

The ChatGPT Prompt Wizard is not just about appending pre-configured prompts. It's designed to provide users with the flexibility to create their own custom prompts. It allows for simple prompt management through a built-in system and even enables users to select prompts using keyboard shortcuts for quicker interactions.

The Open-Source Element

I wanted this project to be more than just a solution to a problem I identified. I believe in the collective growth that open-source projects can offer to the development community. Therefore, I decided to make the ChatGPT Prompt Wizard open-source, providing a platform for learning, collaboration, and expansion.

A Peek Under the Hood

The extension is built using TypeScript and leverages the power of React and Vite. The state management and UI employ the @mantine/core and @mantine/hooks libraries. The extension stores user-defined prompts in local storage and appends the selected prompt to the user's query upon submission, subtly updating the UI to reflect this.

The Road Ahead

The development of the ChatGPT Prompt Wizard has been a gratifying journey. As it stands, I am quite content with its current state - it achieves what I initially set out to do and has already begun making interactions with ChatGPT more streamlined for users.

That said, software development is an iterative process. While I don't have plans for significant expansions at the moment, I am open to improving and refining the extension based on user feedback and my own experiences. There's always room for tweaks and adjustments to ensure that the tool remains as effective and user-friendly as possible.