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As a Senior Frontend Engineer at Pitch, I significantly advanced the software's data visualization capabilities and data integrations.

My work spanned several innovative projects, notably in the area of AI feature development. I focused on enhancing our chart libraries and led diverse experiments, which included everything from integrating editable 3D models to implementing voice-controlled presentations.

This exploration culminated in the design and development of an AI generator, aimed at significantly elevating the user experience. My contributions were a clear demonstration of my dedication to merging cutting-edge technology with practical and user-friendly design.

My work

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Tech stack


ClojureScript is the main programing language used at Pitch. Through working with ClojureScript, I gained a strong foundation in functional programming concepts and honed my skills in using this language to build high-quality web applications.


Although most of the data visualizations were created in React, my knowledge of D3.js allowed me to apply this library to streamline and enhance some of the charting features of the product.


At Pitch, we primarily used Reagent, which is a minimalistic interface between ClojureScript and React. This allowed me to deepen my understanding of React's capabilities and helped me to build complex and responsive user interfaces with ease.