Oxford Genetics

Oxford Genetics

Company based in Oxford, UK that helps cell and gene therapy researchers and developers create innovative treatments.

As a Frontend Web Developer at Oxford Genetics, a bioengineering company specializing in producing and designing of plasmids, I was responsible for creating custom visualizations for the product. Large amount of data needed to be visualized in a way that is easy to understand and interact with was the main challenge. I've managed to successfully delivered complex and interactive data visualizations using D3.js, even though I had limited experience with the library when I started. See the video bellow for the visualisation in action.

In addition to the data visualizations, I built a custom editing tool using Angular and TypeScript, which was the first time I had worked with Angular. As the only person with expertise in frontend development, I was able to take the lead on these projects and deliver high-quality work that enhanced the user experience for customers.

Working at Oxford Genetics was a unique experience that allowed me to learn about bioengineering and the design and production of plasmids. I was able to apply my frontend development skills to create innovative solutions that added value to the company's core offering.

Overall, my work at Oxford Genetics allowed me to expand my expertise in frontend development while also learning about advanced biology. It was a rewarding experience to be part of a team that was at the forefront of a rapidly evolving field.

My work

Interactive plasmid viewer that I've build
Source of the video and more examples of the tool in action
One of many plasmids
One of many plasmids

Tech stack


Although I was new to D3.js when I started, I quickly gained expertise in the library and was able to leverage its many features to create a custom, complex, and interactive data visualization of plasmids that the company was producing and designing.


I had the opportunity to use Angular for the first time. This experience allowed me to improve my skills in using modern front-end frameworks and integrating them with custom D3 visualizations, resulting in enhanced user interfaces and editing tools I developed.