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Black Swan Data

AI-powered social data analytics company

At Black Swan Data, I worked as a Senior Frontend Developer on the Trendscope product. My main responsibility was to design and develop the app's UI using Angular and implement custom data visualizations with D3.js. Through this experience, I gained professional proficiency in Angular and also worked with React*.

In addition to my frontend development duties, I also gained experience in CI/CD and created automated deployments for some of our apps. This experience allowed me to expand my skills and contribute to the efficient delivery of software products to clients.

Working at Black Swan Data was an exciting opportunity to work with cutting-edge AI technology and gain experience in using advanced tools like D3.js for data visualization. As a senior developer, I was able to contribute my skills and experience to the company's mission of accurately predicting future consumer trends and needs.

Overall, my experience at Black Swan Data was rewarding, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of professionals in the field of AI-driven social data analytics.

My work

One of the many charts I was working on
One of the many charts I was working on
Detailed data item view
Detailed data item view

Tech stack


I worked extensively with Angular and Typescript. Through this experience, I gained expertise in the framework and improved my ability to combine Angular's interface with interactive d3.js visualizations.


I used D3.js to create a variety of custom data visualizations at different levels of interactivity, ranging from dynamic visuals used in dashboards to static visuals for PDF reports.


Towards the end of my time at Black Swan Data, I gained basic experience with React while working on some projects. This allowed me to broaden my knowledge beyond Angular and gain a basic understanding of the React framework.


I gained experience with CircleCI, a continuous integration and delivery platform. This involved building and configuring automated deployment pipelines, creating testing suites, and managing the deployment process for various projects.